Venus Theatre

Venus Theatre

Location: 9148 Canterbury Riding, Laurel MD 20723
Phone: 202-236-4078


Venus Theatre is committed to setting flight to the voices of women and children with theatre for a lifetime. Ten years of producing in temporary rental spaces in DC, NYC, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania has led to a new vision. In April of 2006 Venus secured a storefront in Laurel, MD. The Venus Theatre is home to the Company today.

Venus Theatre Play Shack runs a summer theatre camp.

Objects of Survival: Plays of the Pandemic at Venus Theatre, Nov 14-Dec 15

Venus Theatre is launching a new initiative today!

Objects of Survival: Plays of the Pandemic
20 Days of 20 Play Prompts to celebrate 20 years of Venus!

Every day for 20 days (to celebrate our 20 years of existence!) we will be posting a prompt at VenusTheatreCompany on Instagram.

We invite playwrights to create around these images/suggestions.
Plays may have no more than seven performers and MUST empower women.

Location: Venus Theatre, Online.

Beginning December 15, we will be taking play submissions originating from these prompts. At the beginning of 2021, we will publish five of these plays in our first ever ANTHOLOGY!!!

For more information click here or find the prompts here.

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