Venus Theatre

Venus Theatre

Location: 9148 Canterbury Riding, Laurel MD 20723
Phone: 202-236-4078


Venus Theatre is committed to setting flight to the voices of women and children with theatre for a lifetime. Ten years of producing in temporary rental spaces in DC, NYC, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania has led to a new vision. In April of 2006 Venus secured a storefront in Laurel, MD. The Venus Theatre is home to the Company today.

Venus Theatre Play Shack runs a summer theatre camp.

#Solestories at Venus Theatre, May 30-Jun 23

Collaborative Iterations:
by Renee Calarco

May 30 – June 23, 2019

Renee Calarco has been writing these short dialogues prompted by an image of feet taken on her commute to work.

Location: Venus Theatre.

We will be collaborating with Renee Calarco on her #solestories project. Follow her on instagram and stay tuned to Venus to see how this iteration flows.

Every weekday during my commute, I snap a photo of a commuter’s shoes and write a bit of flash fiction based on that photo. What started as a way for me to write every day, no matter what, has turned into a project in its own right. – Calarco

The work is a result of a collaborative iteration. Process is key and therefore so is the experienced artist critical in this way of being. An iteration is never about the final destination, rather about exploration that finds a collective voice in a fire-like response to the situations of the world in a given moment.

Tags: Venus Theatre, Laurel Maryland, Collaborative Iterations, #Solestories, Renee Calarco

The Finger at Venus Theatre, Sep 19-Oct 13

Collaborative Iterations:
The Finger
by Doruntina Basha
Sept 19 – Oct 13, 2019

The Finger draws its impetus from a vacuum, from a family bereft, and the implacable dynamics between two women. In it, a disappearance calls for-and exacts-rituals in the gap between life and death.

Location: Venus Theatre.

Going into the Fall, Venus will produce, “The Finger” by Doruntina Basha. She is a playwright who lives in Kosovo and this will be the first time her play is produced on this side of the ocean.

Tags: Venus Theatre, Laurel Maryland, Collaborative Iterations, The Finger, Doruntina Basha

The Powers That Be a Rock Opera at Venus Theatre, Nov 21-Dec 15

Collaborative Iterations:
The Powers That Be a Rock Opera
by Deborah Randall and Alan Scott
Nov 21 – Dec 15, 2019

Location: Venus Theatre.

Venus will close the year with a rock opera. This will be a collaboration with Alan Scott. Check out his videos.

Tags: Venus Theatre, Laurel Maryland, Deborah Randall, Collaborative Iterations, The Powers That Be a Rock Opera, Alan Scott

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