This website is a guide to amateur theater in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Prince George’s County has a wealth of amateur, community and student theaters and programs. You can see great plays every weekend throughout the year.

The purpose of pgtheater.com is to promote the dramatic arts in Prince George’s County for the benefit of participants and audience members. This website is not affiliated with any theater, production company or other organization. We do not sponsor or produce any of the events listed. The information posted here is taken from the websites of the theaters themselves. If you wish to contact the theaters or to ask them questions, you should contact them directly.

The pgtheater.com website lists dramatic or theatrical productions that are held in Prince George’s County Maryland. Productions in other counties will not be listed, even if the company or rehearsals are based in Prince George’s County. Productions must be open to the public to be listed.

We do not review the shows, but reviews may be submitted as comments to the posting for the show. If you enjoyed a show, please let others know. Reviews and other comments are moderated; highly critical or negative reviews will not be approved or posted.

This website is not supported by advertising or any other source of income. If you appreciate the information presented and wish to support the expenses, you may make a donation. This website is not a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and donations are not tax deductible. Productions who wish to give credit to pgtheater.com in their programs, should contact the website owner for a business-card sized ad.

Click here to contact the website owner.

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