Black Light Summit at Clarice Smith, Mar 4-6, Online

Black Light Summit at Clarice Smith, Mar 4-6, Online

BlackLight Summit
Thursday, March 4, 2021 – Saturday, March 6, 2021
Thu, Mar 4, 2021 . 08:30AM to 09:00PM
Fri, Mar 5, 2021 . 08:30AM to 09:00PM
Sat, Mar 6, 2021 . 08:30AM to 09:00PM

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Online

A Black, POC and LGBTQ+ celebratory space and an open invitation for participation, learning and conversation with all.

Come as you are. See us as we are. Imagine and act on what can be.

Our inaugural BlackLight Summit is a year-long dance initiative that investigates how time, people, possibility and hope come together to examine legacy, citizenship and scholarship. The summit asks, through the practice of being socially responsible within the arts: How do we create traditions? How do we transform them into enduring legacies?

To interrogate this unique historical moment, the BlackLight Summit seeks to be a spark that ignites daring innovation and reveals the creativity within the dance ecosystem in America. The peak of the BlackLight Summit is a virtual three-day convening that features roundtable conversations, movement labs and artistic presentations from BlackLight featured artists Micaela Taylor, Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Candace Scarborough and Jamal Abrams. Our initiative aims to re-envision how dance can be a conduit to galvanize imagination, resilience and inventiveness.

All events will be able to be experienced virtually and will be free.

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Tickets: Free; Registration Encouraged. Click here.

Clarice Smith presents Veiled Revue & I AM IN A BASEMENT, Dec 3, Online

Clarice Smith presents Veiled Revue & I AM IN A BASEMENT, Dec 3, Online

“Veiled” and “I AM IN A BASEMENT”

Thursday, December 3, 2020 7:30 pm

By: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Online.

Veiled Revue
By Amber Daniels and Becky Hill

Veiled ciphers through historic vaudeville repertoire extracting inspiration to create an abstract dance theater work. In an era of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, American territory borders, a global pandemic, a monumental presidential election and further investigations of social norms, we are researchers with the knowledge that the present is affected by our past. Using vignettes, audiences will simultaneously experience both the despair that haunted the entertainment industry of the vaudeville era, as well as the joy. We will manipulate how vaudeville was viewed then versus the transformation of what it could be today. The piece will be performed in “armor,” a costume that covers the body entirely to erase gender, sexuality, race and class. It is our hope through this investigation, we will have audiences question, react and be moved to action.

By Tristan Koepke

Reflecting on creative practices on pause, Tristan builds small accumulations that give way to lacy patterns of ritual that unfold and rupture into chaotic, effervescent celebrations of catharsis and release. Sinewy threads of movement repeat and intervene in a contemplation exertion, endurance and destruction.

Free, No tickets Required, Online here.

Ballet Theatre of Maryland presents An American Southwest Carmen at Prince George’s Community College, Nov 7, Online

An American Southwest Carmen performed by the Ballet Theatre of MD

Saturday, November 07, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Location: Prince George’s Community College, Online.

PGCC Center for the Performing Arts, 301 Largo Road, Largo MD 20774

Carmen is a dazzling beauty, whose fiery passion, free spirit and love of life captivates the hearts of nearly everyone she meets, especially the men.

FREE Virtual Event
All times listed in Eastern Standard Time

This is a virtual event. You will be emailed a link to streamed event prior to start time or no later than 2 hours before the scheduled start time. No printed ticket required.

If registration is closed and you would like to attend or you haven’t received the link 30 minutes before showtime, email us at Please also check your spam folder for link.

Free online performance, register here.

Clarice Smith presents Martius and crash test, Nov 5, Online

“Martius” and “crash test”

Thursday, November 5, 2020 7:30PM

By: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Online.

Written and composed by Beth Rendely
Directed by Abigail Olshin

Martius, a musical inspired by Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus, follows the breakdowns of family relationships against a backdrop of political conflict and warfare in Rome. Martius, a decorated soldier, is forced by her mother into a political career. What happens when the people reject her? What happens when Martius herself rejects being a pawn in the city’s battles, the senators’ political games and her mother’s ambitions? Will this Roman family—and by extension, Rome—break out of a cycle of glorifying bloodshed?

crash test
Choreographed by Christina Robson

Using the sheet music for Paganini’s “24 Caprices for violin in B-minor,” Robson created a series of movement-based rule systems that generates a series of unexpected and interrupted movement sentences to challenge habitual understandings of weight shift and momentum. As the choreographer, Robson provided her own movement notation made up of hand-drawn geometric symbols to her collaborator, cellist and composer Lily Gelfand, to generate a new musical composition for cello. In this piece, Robson and Gelfand perform their two original compositions simultaneously without revision.

Free, No Tickets Required, Online here.

Clarice Smith presents Can’t Kill Us All and Tough Skin, Oct 27, 5:30PM, Online

ACTNow: Far From The Norm and TL Collective
Dance and Film Activism
Dance Artist Botis Seva
Filmmaker Ben Williams
Composer Torben Lars Sylvest
Far From the Norm: Can’t Kill Us All
TL Collective: Tough Skin

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 . 5:30PM

By: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Click here.
This event will be archived for future viewing.

Two dance companies present intimate short films followed by a live virtual Q&A moderated by Associate Professor of American Studies La Marr Jurelle Bruce, an interdisciplinary humanities scholar, critical theorist and Afromanticist.

Far From The Norm’s CAN’T KILL US ALL unravels one man’s mental unrest as he navigates the turbulence of dealing with two global pandemics. This theatrical experience combines hip-hop theatre and film, revealing the deterioration of a man’s emotional sanity and physical stability as he confronts life in lockdown. From reflecting on childhood memories, to reliving trauma experienced by Black bodies, CAN’T KILL US ALL pushes through the darkness to find light, humility and peace.

TL Collective’s Tough Skin presents four humans from completely different backgrounds and cultures. The film is a captivating visual representation of what it looks like to stay committed to connection and humanity even in dire circumstances.

From themes of racial violence and cultural appropriation to multiculturalism and gender equality, the work of The Clarice’s 2020-21 visiting artists is complex, provocative and deeply sensitive. Arts Citizenship Talks (ACTnow) are opportunities to hear from these artists about the issues reflected in their works. These conversations are an invitation to act now!

Engagement on Campus and in the Community: Throughout Fall 2020, Botis Seva and members of Far From The Norm will virtually visit students in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies to discuss their work and choreographic technique. Micaela Taylor and members of TL Collective will also visit students in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. In addition, Micaela Taylor is participating in The Clarice’s BlackLight Summit as a member of the summit Career Readiness mentorship team.

Film Credits:


Produced by Far From The Norm, CAN’T KILL US ALL is a collaboration from 3 original voices working in hip-hop theatre: dance artist Botis Seva, filmmaker Ben Williams and composer Torben Lars Sylvest. CAN’T KILL US ALL is co-commissioned by Arts Council England, BBC and The Space.

This engagement of Far From The Norm is made possible through the ArtsCONNECT program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support has been provided by the Maryland State Arts Council and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation.

Free, No Tickets Required, Online here.

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