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Use this form to inform the website owner about upcoming shows and auditions, or to suggest corrections to posted information. Please first check the Calendar to see if the show is already listed. does not review the shows. However, if you wish to review a show, please enter the review as a comment to the post about the show. Reviews and other comments are moderated; highly critical or negative reviews will not be approved or posted.

The website lists dramatic or theatrical productions that are held in Prince George’s County Maryland. Productions in other counties will not be listed, even if the company or rehearsals are based in Prince George’s County. Productions must be open to the public to be listed.

Dance or musical programs are only listed if they tell a story. For example, a production of Die Fledermaus, Peter and the Wolf or the Swan Lake ballet will be listed here; a musical concert or recital of unrelated dances will not.

Please provide a website listing the production or auditions. Information that cannot be verified through a public website will not be posted. is not affiliated with any theater or production company. We do not sponsor or produce any of the events listed. The information posted here is taken from the websites of the theaters themselves. If you wish to contact the theaters or to ask them questions, you should contact them directly. Decisions of the website owner are final.

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