Prince George’s Community College

Prince George’s Community College

Communication and Theatre Department
The Hallam Theatre
Queen Ann Fine Arts
301 Largo Road
Largo MD 20774


Contact: Mr. Gary Fry
Queen Anne Hall, Room 200A
Phone: (301) 322-0932
Email us:

Upcoming Events

Out of the Vineyard at Prince George’s Community College, Jan 14

Prince George’s Community College presents:
Out of the Vineyard: A Staged Reading
By Psalemyene 24

Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Location: Prince George’s Community College, In Person.

Center for Performing Arts, 301 Largo Road Largo, MD 20774

Playwright Psalmeyene 24 and Director Tony Thomas come together to bring a captivating stage play to the arts community. Come together to witness the beginnings of “Out of the Vineyard” in the staged reading of this commissioned play inspired by the book, “A Question of Freedom” by William G. Thomas.

Based on interviews with descendants of enslaved families and people connected to the history of freedom suits in Prince George’s County, “Out of the Vineyard” weaves together monologues that excavate a buried chapter in American history while illuminating how the legacy of slavery still affects us today.

The initiative is a program partnership between Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, Prince George’s Community College Center for Performing Arts, Prince George’s County Office of Human Rights, Joe’s Movement Emporium, and other organizations.

Tickets: free, registration required. here.

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