Henson Awards Showcase at Clarice Smith, Apr 23, Online

Henson Awards Showcase at Clarice Smith, Apr 23, Online

Henson Awards Showcase
Friday, April 23, 2021 . 7:30PM EDT

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Online

The talented student recipients of the Jim Henson Fund for Puppetry will perform/present their funded projects.

The School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies hosts an annual competition and recipients are awarded funds to create a puppet project or performance. The Jim Henson Fund for Puppetry was established by Jane Henson ’55 to honor the memory of Jim Henson ’60, creator of the world famous Muppets.

Aqua and water walk into a bar by Christina Robson
Aqua and water walk into a bar, a collaboration between Christina Robson and Shane Rutkowski, uses found objects to animate an unforgettable journey made by a group of chemicals. Washers, nuts and bolts transform into charismatic representations of chemical structures, and thimbles become a gaggle of bachelorette party attendees. This short film blends choreography, comedy, puppetry and chemistry to bring everyday objects to life.

Exousia by Bill Kassay
Exousia is Greek for “authority” or “power.” In the piece, the protagonist is a rich and powerful creature with overstuffed pockets and a greedy nature. He uses his resources to inflict pain and suffering on innocents with the hope of gaining “prizes.” This is indicative of a civilian-operated military complex whose sole purpose is the accumulation of more wealth. There are far too many conflicts in the world that are being fought under this context. To soften the story, this piece uses a “whack-a-mole” machine to narrate—but the metaphor is the same.

Untitled by Tristan Koepke
In response to isolation and lack of face-to-face collaborators during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tristan Koepke sets out to create a new dance partner: a robot named Armando. What arises is a sly and humorous investigation of the possibilities and limits of puppetry and robotic technologies to replace missing human connection.

Channing Tucker (description coming soon)

Tickets: Free; Tickets Required. Click here.

Black History Month Puppet Show at the Greenbelt Community Center, Feb 7, Online

Black History Month Puppet Show at the Greenbelt Community Center, Feb 7, Online

The Artful Afternoon presents:

Online Puppet Show and Craft-At-Home Activity

Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 2pm

Location: Greenbelt Community Center Gymnasium 15 Crescent Rd. Online.

Join us for special activities celebrating Black History Month! All ages welcome.

Puppet movies at 3pm! Sign up here to receive the link to the 3pm YouTube premiere plus a live post-show event on Zoom with the puppets and puppeteers. No passcode is needed, but we will be using the Zoom waiting room feature; please check to make sure that your screen name on Zoom matches what is listed in this sign up so that we can admit you!

Crafts to go! You can also sign up here to receive instructions and materials for an at-home paper quilt activity inspired by the celebrated African American quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Free kits will be available for pick-up at the Greenbelt Community Center starting on Friday, February 5; supplies are limited, and pre-registration through this sign-up is required. One kit per sign-up. Enjoy on your own, or meet up with fellow participants and lead artist Barbara Joann Combs at 2pm on 2/7 to craft together on Zoom!

Free workshop and performance

Beech Tree Puppets presents The Giant Turnip at College Park Arts Exchange, Oct 10, 10am and 11:30am, Live

Beech Tree Puppets presents
The Giant Turnip

October 10, 2020 at 10am and 11:30am

Sponsored by : College Park Arts Exchange.

Location: Fall Seasonal Celebration, The Parish House of The Christian Community, 4221 Metzerott Rd.; College Park, MD 20740. Co-sponsored by the College Park Arts Exchange and the Christian Community.

Don’t miss this classic English folktale, brought to life with beautifully hand-crafted puppets and sets, along with heart-warming music.

Aline Kuppenheim/Teatro y Su Doble presents Feos at Clarice Smith, Feb 13-14

Aline Kuppenheim/Teatro y Su Doble presents Feos at Clarice Smith, Feb 13-14

Aline Kuppenheim/Teatro y Su Doble presents
February 13 & 14, 2020 . 8PM

Thu, Feb 13, 2020 . 8:00PM
Fri, Feb 14, 2020 . 8:00PM

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Dance Theatre, general admission.

Teatro y Su Doble: FEOS

Inspired by Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti’s short story “La Noche de los Feos,” Chilean theater troupe Teatro y Su Doble tenderly and playfully express the unlikely meeting of two strangers in line at a movie theater. United by the loneliness caused by their physical deformities, the pair quickly realize that they have much in common. Drawing deeply mature emotions, Teatro y Su Doble craft beautiful scenes that touch the soul, despite—or, perhaps, due to—their fundamental strangeness.

Chilean theater troupe Teatro y Su Doble is a fiercely creative force. Its multimedia storytelling process borrows techniques from puppetry and animation to create a bold analog to traditional theater. “FEOS,” which debuted at Chile’s esteemed Santiago a Mil International Festival in 2015, refines this innovative approach.

Tickets: Regular $25, Student/Youth $10. Click here.

Happenstance Theater presents Juxtapose at Joe’s Movement Emporium, Jan 17-19

Happenstance Theater presents Juxtapose at Joe’s Movement Emporium, Jan 17-19

Happenstance Theater: JUXTAPOSE

Friday, January 17th at 8 pm
Saturday, January 18th at 2 pm
Saturday, January 18th at 8 pm
Sunday, January 19th at 2 pm

Location: Joe’s Movement Emporium

The Happenstance Theater quintet is developing a Theatrical Collage inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell. Using the manipulation of objects, puppetry, physical theatre, theatrical clown, and vintage spectacle, we will conjure portals for the audience to engage their imaginations and build stories. It will not follow a linear narrative, but will instead be a series of highly visual vignettes woven together by a thematic thread and consistent historical aesthetic.

The piece will seek to unify the audience by illustrating our common humanity and reminding viewers of our universally shared condition, mortality. The hope is that through this theatrical journey, audiences might feel buoyed by the limitless possibilities of imagination.

Please note this is a NEW work-in-process that has only begun development right here at Joe’s on January 6th. The audience is invited to stay for talk-backs after all the performances to give the artists your candid (but loving) feedback. Performance is appropriate for families but not meant to be a “kids” show.

This performance is made possible by funding from the Maryland State Arts Council Maryland Touring Grant.

There will be a FREE hands-on puppet engagement activity at 11 am. Learn more about this most magical and memorable art form, create and play with puppets with Happenstance Theater’s master puppeteers.

Tickets, Adults: $13, Seniors/Students $7. Click here.