Too of a Kind at Joe’s Movement Emporium, June 28-29

Too of a Kind

Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mount Rainier MD
Phone: 301-699-1819.

Friday, June 28th @ 8pm
Saturday, June 29th @ 8pm

Tickets $15 in advance, $18 at the door.

Not intended for children under 13.

Gay marriage has been legalized and a Black woman is now the First Lady. WORD! So since Michelle Obama is now the world’s fashionista and icon, that means racism and homophobia have ended, right? WRONG! While media makes the world seems to appear more “accepting” of our differences, there are still many stereotypes that we blatantly ignore, like genderism and AUDISM. WTF is AUDISM, you ask? How the heck do the hearing and deaf connect? What do a gay man and a straight woman have in common? Trust, it’s NOT the same pair of shoes! We’ve got TO do better. TWO heads are better than one. And yes, we’ve ALL got a story, TOO! If you listen closely, you’ll be sure to find, it’s true, that you are TOO of a KIND.

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