Boundless Eclectic presents Journey Into Freedom at Joe’s Movement Emporium, Apr 11

Boundless Eclectic presents Journey Into Freedom at Joe’s Movement Emporium, Apr 11

Location: Joe’s Movement Emporium

Friday, April 11 at 7:00pm

Tickets: Adults $20, Children $7. Buy on-line.

Description: Ticket prices include dinner! (Delicious vegan/vegetarian/raw options available.) Bring the whole family! 10% discount for groups of ten or more people. Get your tickets in advance.

Experience Boundless Eclectic in performance – a unique, multigenerational collaboration of our homeschool youth with highly seasoned, professional musicians/dancers, including Co-Directors Artis & Hermione, as well as Latteta Theresa (our Music Director) – a world-class Master Elder Musician/Composer, Marc Blackwood of Inner Loop, and other special guests.

This evening length performance blends dance, movement, music, soundscapes, spoken word, and percussion in a metaphorical, non-linear narrative which explores the quest for Freedom – both historically, with regards to civil rights, and on a personal level, encouraging a continual journey of self-liberation. Why do we have conflicts? How do we resolve them? What choices do we make? In what ways do we hold ourselves back? How can we embody Freedom, every day?

BoundlessEclectic.Org is a multidisciplinary arts & education network which offers personalized instruction in visual & performing arts, & more, with an interest in families participating in the arts together: all levels fine & contemporary art; hand & foot percussion (drumming & tap); modern/jazz; contemporary ballet; improvisational music & dance, & private music lessons. Available for professional performance, yoga, Reiki +, and healing arts… We also offer classes tailored to the homeschool community in the DC Metro area that integrate arts & academics.

Co-Directors: Artis Moon Amarche & Hermione Rhones

Music Director: Latteta Theresa

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