Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre, Feb 18

Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 7pm.

Solve A Murder on the third Wednesday of every month at the Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre.

Starring Role – for You! Be the investigator who solves this Murder Mystery!

Location: Wendy’s located at 16400 Harbour Way in Bowie, MD 20716.

Third Wednesday each month, starting at 7:00PM

Visit our Facebook page to find out this month’s current murder:

FREE! Be a Captive Audience and Support YOUR Local Theatre! We hope you enjoy dinner at Wendy’s between 6pm-9pm on this night as 20% of all your food and drink purchases (as well as drive-through sales) are donated to Bowie Community Theatre.

BCT’s Murder Mystery Troupe will present the interactive Murder Mystery

The Curse of the Comet

It is September 17, 1945 . . .

The world is free from war for the first time in over a decade. The young men who had fought for their respective causes have returned home and claimed their places in history.

In a spot that had remained secluded from the conflict, a gathering occurred last night – one that proved both intriguing and tragic. For this morning, the body of archeologist Myron Mason was found draped over the thorn bushes of his twin brother’s Beverly Hills home.

Last night also, the comet Hopkay made its first appearance in the heavens in over 400 years. The celestial messenger was last seen in 1545, the year that the native Central American chief Hopkay met an untimely demise. His people, the Intecs, interred him in a tomb which they said must be sacrosanct for all time.

Yet, a little over 10 years ago, Myron Mason found that tomb and robbed it of its treasures. An inscription on the wall of the crypt proclaimed that whoever desecrated the spot would be cursed. When the comet reappeared, said the writing, the chief’s revenge would be carried out.

In a carnival mood, Mason and a few acquaintances awaited the event at his brother’s home. They laughed and talked into the night, peering through telescopes to catch the first glimpse of the comet. As it came into view, they joked of the supposed consequences. It was the curse of an uneducated, emotional people. Or was it?

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