Aladdin and the Jinn at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Mar 30-Apr 1

Aladdin and the Jinn at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Mar 30-Apr 1

ERHS Drama presents:
Aladdin and the Jinn

Location: Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt.

March 30 – April 1, 2015

ERHS Drama is thrilled to present ALADDIN AND THE JINN.

This is a unique presentation, never attempted in the history of the school. The Drama 3 (advanced acting) class has spent a full year creating an original play. They selected the fairytale of Aladdin, and decided to use an aesthetic setting of the Modern Middle East. Working as an ensemble, the students had projects incorporating advanced techniques. They then combined these projects to form an entirely original script. ALADDIN AND THE JINN is an original ensemble production, written and performed by students. Can the Palestinian Aladdin find love with the Israeli Sarai? Will the wish-granting Jinn ensnare them both?

This production is also the first performance in the brand-new Sally Wagner Performing Arts Space, a new black box theatre. The space is not finished, but is an exciting and versatile new performance venue, which will highlight the burgeoning arts department of ERHS. The space is the new home of ERHS Drama, and will be a continuing home for many future performances.

ALADDIN AND THE JINN performances are March 30, 31, and April 1st (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) at 7pm. Tickets are 5 dollars in advance (sold in school the week before) or 8 dollars at the door. The show is one hour.

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