God Bless Baseball at Clarice Smith, Feb 12-13

God Bless Baseball at Clarice Smith, Feb 12-13

God Bless Baseball
by Toshiki Okada

February 12 & 13, 2016 . 8PM

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Dance Theatre, General Admission.

When baseball (Yakyū) was imported from the United States early in the last century, it almost immediately gained popularity, spreading across Japan to the point that it became the most watched and played sport in the country. A similar wave of excitement swept Korea.

A huge baseball fan, Toshiki Okada, playwright and director of the company chelfitsch, is already recognized as one of the most exciting artists of his generation. In this new work, he uses the most American of sports to reflect on the over-reaching influence the United States has on everyday life in Japan and Korea.

Like so much of his work, God Bless Baseball looks at contemporary life and asks how much has been gained and what is lost when our traditions and culture become more porous in a shrinking world.

General Public: Regular: $25, Student: $10.

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