Afflicted: Daughters of Salem at Laurel Mill Playhouse, Oct 18-Nov 10

Afflicted: Daughters of Salem at Laurel Mill Playhouse, Oct 18-Nov 10

Laurel Mill Playhouse presents
Afflicted: Daughters of Salem
by Laurie Brooks
Directed by Daniel Johnston
Assistant Directed by Lori Bruun
Produced by Maureen Rogers

Friday October 18th-November 10th, 2019
Shows are Friday & Saturday @ 8pm and Sundays (11/03, 11/10) at 2pm

Location: Laurel Mill Playhouse

In 1691 Puritan New England, fear and superstition were rampant. Singing, dancing and amusement of any kind was forbidden. The devil was everywhere. Five girls coming of age in
Salem Village, desperate for release of their thoughts and feelings, find an ally in Tituba, a slave who longs for freedom. Deep in the woods the girls make a pact and build a sisterhood. Then alliances are formed, promises made and broken, power taken.

Afflicted: Daughters of Salem tells the story of the Salem girls—Abigail Williams, the leader, Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren and Betty Parris, and the events that led up to the infamous Salem witch trials. This origin story examines how these teenage girls became accusers and caused 20 people to be put to death for witching.

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