The Phantom Tollbooth at the Greenbelt Arts Center, Nov 29-Dec 15

The Phantom Tollbooth at the Greenbelt Arts Center, Nov 29-Dec 15

The Phantom Tollbooth
By Susan Nanus, based on the book by Norton Juster
Directed by Jon Gardner

November 29 – December 15, 2019

Location: Greenbelt Arts Center

Ten-year-old Milo is bored one afternoon when a Phantom Tollbooth mysteriously arrives in his room with the instructions, “Have your destination in mind.” Traveling in his toy car, Milo arrives in Dictionopolis to discover that King Azaz the Unabridged is at war with The Mathemagician of Digitopolis over whether words or numbers are more important. Milo, joined by Tock and The Humbug, resolves to rescue Princess Sweet Rhyme and Princess Pure Reason from the Castle-in-the-Air to restore peace to the land. But the Castle-in-the-Air is guarded by ferocious demons….

Ticket prices: $24 General Admission, $22 Seniors/Military, $12 Student/Youth. Buy tickets here.

Tags: Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt Maryland, The Phantom Tollbooth, Susan Nanus, Norton Juster, Jon Gardner

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