Auditions for Hamless at Greenbelt Arts Center, Jan 11 & 12

Auditions for Hamless at Greenbelt Arts Center, Jan 11 & 12

Greenbelt Arts Center announces:
Auditions for Hamless

Presented by the Rude Mechanicals in residence at the Greenbelt Arts Center

January 11 & 12, 2021

“Hamless”, directed by Erin Nealer, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” edited to remove the title character entirely. While Hamlet never appears onscreen, his presence is felt in every tense moment as his family and friends struggle to keep the peace within the Danish court, avoid a war with Norway, and quell a rebellion, all while tiptoeing around young Hamlet’s increasingly unstable moods. Removing Hamlet from the script gives King Claudius and Queen Gertrude, the Danish courtiers, and the Norwegian invaders time to speak their minds about the Prince – and each other.

Auditions will be held via Zoom on Monday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 12 from 7-10pm. You will be scheduled for a 5-10 minute slot based on your form. You will be sent sides from which to choose via email when your audition is scheduled. If you have a piece prepared (under 2 minutes), you are also welcome to use that.

For more information click here.

A note on all characters – Every role is available to actors of any gender, race, ability, and age, but the original pronouns of each character are included below for context. The Rude Mechanicals practice identity-conscious casting; the director will work with actors to ensure their identities are respected and incorporated into their character work. Feel free to ask questions about this process during your audition or directly with the directing team via email.

Additionally, as this is a Zoom production, actors will not be required to memorize all their lines word-perfectly – scripts can be used as a cheat sheet during productions. However, please note that more lines equates to more rehearsal time, and actors who are in many scenes will need to anticipate spending more time in rehearsals each week than actors appearing in only one or two scenes. We will do our best to respect your time and accommodate your schedules.

Rehearsals will be held over Zoom on 1-3 weeknights per week, Monday-Thursday, based on cast schedules.

The Rude Mechanicals are a volunteer theater company. All roles are unpaid.

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