Joe’s Movement Emporium presents The Gift, Mar 19, Online

Joe’s Movement Emporium and Clarice Smith presents The Gift, Mar 19, Online

NextLOOK featuring:
Rachel Grossman & Tosin Olufolabi:
The Gift

March 19, 2021 . 7PM

By: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Click here.

The Gift is an immersive, interactive performance that invites the audience to transition from self-reflection to action and advocacy over the course of the event. Sometime in the U.S.’s future, when most illnesses have been cured, two doctors host the first clinical trial for the societally destructive infectious agent Preston-Weche-Rhys – the source of white supremacy culture – with the audience cast as the subjects.

This event is part of NextLOOK. In partnership with Joe’s Movement Emporium, NextLOOK supports the development of new music, plays, dance and other experiences by regionally-based performing artists. These artists are mentored by seasoned arts administrators from The Clarice and Joe’s Movement Emporium to construct innovative methods of deepening the audience’s involvement in their creative process. By removing logistical barriers of cost and space and providing a sounding board for artists creating new work, NextLOOK invests in the regional arts ecology and creates an accessible, exploratory environment that connects intriguing artists with adventurous audiences.

Pay What You Wish, Online here.

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