Fandango for Butterflies (And Coyotes) at Clarice Smith, Oct 7-8, In person

Fandango for Butterflies (And Coyotes) at Clarice Smith, Oct 7-8, In person

Fandango for Butterflies (And Coyotes) (USA)
October 7 & 8, 2021 . 8PM
Thu, Oct 7, 2021 . 08:00PM to 10:00PM
Fri, Oct 8, 2021 . 08:00PM to 10:00PM

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. In person, outdoors.

“El fandango emigró, y yo emigré con el fandango.” Immigrants from Mexico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic living in New York City without “papeles” band together inside a community sanctuary for a fandango—a celebration brought to life by live music, dance and performance. They shelter-in-place as they wait for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids to pass and for a family member making the dangerous trek to the U.S. As the fandango plays on, fear and anxiety sink in—fear of family separation, fear of having made the wrong decision and fear for those making the perilous journey across the border. But as threats loom dangerously close, strangers become family, fear becomes strength and sorrow becomes joy.

Conceived by Chilean-Costa Rican playwright Andrea Thome in partnership with En Garde Arts, Fandango for Butterflies (and Coyotes) was shaped by the unheard voices of many undocumented immigrants. While at The Clarice in 2021-22, artists from the ensemble will host a dinner conversation with UndocuTerps, a student organization that supports immigrant and undocumented student life at the University of Maryland. By bringing to life true stories that transcend social boundaries, En Garde Arts produces bold experiences that break barriers and inspire audiences and creatives alike, including School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and School of Music students and College Park Scholars, who will continue experiencing the company’s work up-close this season in workshops and lectures, just as they did in the 2020-21 season. In 2021-22, the company will also perform a live fandango for families in Langley Park, Maryland, as part of The Clarice’s popular Family Art Day series.

This event will be performed in The Clarice Courtyard, the lawn area behind The Clarice. The artists will be on an outdoor stage, and chairs will be provided for the audience. Audience members are invited to use the front entrance of The Clarice, and can then find the courtyard by traveling up the grand staircase or taking the elevator to Floor 2. Ushers will be present to assist you and answer questions. Based on current UMD campus guidelines and Prince George’s County guidelines for outdoor events, the artists will not wear masks during the performance. The audience will also not be required to wear masks while seated during the performance. These guidelines are subject to change, and you will receive the most up to date COVID-19 Health and Safety rules in an email prior to your event.

Health + Safety: There may be COVID safety policies such as mask requirements in place when you attend this event. Please see our health & safety page for the most up to date information about attendance!

Tickets: Pay what you wish, suggested price: $20 Regular, $10 Student. Click here.

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