NextNow Fest 2022 at Clarice Smith, Sep 6-10

NextNow Fest 2022 at Clarice Smith, Sep 6-10

NextNOW Fest 2022
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 – Saturday, September 10, 2022

Tue, Sep 6, 2022 . 5:00PM
Wed, Sep 7, 2022 . 11:00AM
Thu, Sep 8, 2022 . 10:00AM
Fri, Sep 9, 2022 . 6:00PM
Sat, Sep 10, 2022 . 6:00PM

Venue: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. In Person.

The Clarice’s annual NextNOW Fest is an inspiring arts experience that celebrates imagination, creativity and community. By amplifying the voices of intriguing, inventive artists from around campus and our community, NextNOW Fest creates a forward-looking microcosm where art transforms our future and connects us all.

NextNOW Fest is a signature event in University of Maryland’s Arts for All initiative, which leverages the combined power of the arts, technology and social justice to address the grand challenges of our time. In addition to our student, academic and touring arts lineup at The Clarice, we’re thrilled to continue partnerships with student-led groups, academic departments and community organizations to hold the festival at sites throughout campus and into College Park!

Tickets: Free. Click here for more information and the schedule of events.

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