First Baptist Church of Glenarden presents Someway, Somehow

First Baptist Church of Glenarden presents Someway, Somehow

The First Baptist Church of Glenarden presents
Someway, Somehow
Written & Directed by Joshua Jenkins & Co-Directed & Original Music by Anthony Brown
December 17 & 18, 2022

Saturday, December 17 at 12pm & 7pm
Sundays, December 18 at 7pm
Doors open one hour early for the fabulous Bethlehem marketplace, with live animals, biblical characters, activities, giveaways and more!

“Someway, Somehow” is a stage play about the birth of Jesus from a unique and unexpected point of view. Centering the story around the love between the parents of Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph, “Someway, Somehow” will remind audiences that everyone has a story and plays a role in God’s plan. This dynamic musical will take you on a journey with a cleverly written score and script by Anthony Brown and Joshua Jenkins and some special guest artist who are sure to win your heart. This experience will leave you wanting more.

In Galilee, a virgin named Mary was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. An angel visited Mary one night and said she would be impregnated by the Holy Spirit, give birth to a son and name him Jesus. Mary couldn’t believe it, asking the angel, “How can this be?” The angel told her “Nothing is impossible with God.” “Someway, Somehow” puts a modern-day twist on these biblical events, bringing the timeless love story to life with vigor and vitality. You’ll witness the love and respect between Mary and her fiancé, Joseph, who was less than thrilled at first when he learned his bride-to-be was with child. With an abundance of original scores, “Someway, Somehow” takes the audience on a dramatic, fantastical journey through the streets of Bethlehem!

Tickets: $10 – $65, click here.

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