Sherlock Holmes by MAD, Mar 27, Online

Sherlock Holmes by MAD, Mar 27, Online

Goddard’s Music and Drama Club presents:
An online public reading of:
Sherlock Holmes – A Drama in Four Acts
By William Gillette and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed by Jon Gardner

March 27, 2021, 8pm, online

Location: Goddard Space Flight Center’s MAD Theater, online.

MAD is forming a play-reading group, which will rehearse several times and then perform public readings of scripts. The goal of the group is to have fun participating.

“Sherlock Holmes – A Drama in Four Acts,” was written by William Gillette with help from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is an original story, not an adaptation. It was first produced in 1899 with Gillette playing Holmes; a role that he repeated many times over the next 35 years. Gillette’s use of a deerstalker cap and curved pipe in his depiction of Holmes have become enduring symbols of the character. In another important element of theatrical history, an early production featured a teen-aged Charlie Chaplin playing the pageboy Billy.

Notice: This play depicts cocaine use.

Performance will be live online. Click here.

Auditions for Doctor Faustus by the Rude Mechanicals at Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 22 & 23, Online

Auditions for Doctor Faustus by the Rude Mechanicals at Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 22 & 23, Online

The Rude Mechanicals in residence at the Greenbelt Arts Center announce:
Auditions for:
Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe
directed by Claudia Bach

Auditions: Monday March 22 and Tuesday March 23 from 7-10pm by appointment

Performances : live via Zoom Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 22, 2021

Set in a modern, internet-forum world, Faustus connects with some dangerous minds online and is dragged into a world of conspiracy, magic, and evil. After making a deal with a servant of Hell to unlock the truth and powers of the world, Faustus gets more than he bargained for when his payment comes due. On a backdrop of reddit, Qanon, and internet indoctrination, this production explores what it means to access the truth and to confront reality, whatever it may be.

By Greenbelt Arts Center, Online.

Auditions will be Monday March 22 and Tuesday March 23 from 7-10pm by appointment. Please sign up for a slot using this link: More details can be found at the sign up form.
For more information click here.

Joe’s Movement Emporium presents The Gift, Mar 19, Online

Joe’s Movement Emporium and Clarice Smith presents The Gift, Mar 19, Online

NextLOOK featuring:
Rachel Grossman & Tosin Olufolabi:
The Gift

March 19, 2021 . 7PM

By: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Click here.

The Gift is an immersive, interactive performance that invites the audience to transition from self-reflection to action and advocacy over the course of the event. Sometime in the U.S.’s future, when most illnesses have been cured, two doctors host the first clinical trial for the societally destructive infectious agent Preston-Weche-Rhys – the source of white supremacy culture – with the audience cast as the subjects.

This event is part of NextLOOK. In partnership with Joe’s Movement Emporium, NextLOOK supports the development of new music, plays, dance and other experiences by regionally-based performing artists. These artists are mentored by seasoned arts administrators from The Clarice and Joe’s Movement Emporium to construct innovative methods of deepening the audience’s involvement in their creative process. By removing logistical barriers of cost and space and providing a sounding board for artists creating new work, NextLOOK invests in the regional arts ecology and creates an accessible, exploratory environment that connects intriguing artists with adventurous audiences.

Pay What You Wish, Online here.

Auditions for Free Play Series by Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 17, Online

Auditions for Free Play Series by Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 17, Online

mecca lartigue & anya wilkinson in association with Greenbelt Arts Center present:

by idris goodwin
directed by andi fontaine, rikki howie, danya ford, kate magill and niya john

FREE PLAY Series by Idris Goodwin

Produced by Eleanor Roosevelt High School students Mecca Lartigue and Anya Wilkinson in association with the Greenbelt Arts Center

finds a parent trying to find the words to explain to a child why a water gun isn’t simply a toy
Directed by Niya John

is a two hander about former high school friends debating matters of life and race.
Directed by Andi Fontaine and Rikki Howie

finds two new dorm-mates excited to start their freshman year together, until one decides to decorate their room with a little piece of ‘Southern pride.’
Directed by DaNya Ford and Kate Magill Robinson

You must be available for ALL the rehearsal and performance dates. Click here for more details

Auditions: March 17, 1:00 pm or 4:30 pm

Callbacks: To Be Determined

SHOW DATES: May 1 – 2, 2021

Prepare a 30-60 second dramatic monologue that showcases your talents as a performer.

Email to sign up for an audition slot.

Hamless at Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 12-21, Online

Hamless at Greenbelt Arts Center, Mar 12-21, Online

The Rude Mechanicals in residence at the Greenbelt Arts Center present:
by William Shakespeare
adapted and directed by Erin Nealer

Live Online Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, March 12-21, 2021.
Showtimes are 7 pm on March 12, 13, 19, 20; 2 pm on March 14 & 21

“Hamless” is a Zoom adaptation of Shakespeare’s most famous play that tells the story behind “Hamlet” – focusing on the personal and political drama – without ever introducing the audience to Prince Hamlet himself.

By Greenbelt Arts Center, Online.

All performances are free. We are asking a suggested donation of $10 to help support our continuing efforts to provide theater to Greenbelt and the larger community; please click on Donate and select “Support Online Shows.”

Online performance, click here.