Drama Kids of Bowie at the Bowie CPA, May 19

Drama Kids of Bowie at the Bowie CPA, May 19

Drama Kids of Bowie presents its 11th Annual Spring Production:
Pirate Joe
Big Mystery at the Big Top
The Triumph of Trevor Truelove

Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 1:15pm and 4:15pm.

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

Join Drama Kids of Bowie and DKI Acting Academy as they perform three original productions:

“Pirate Joe”

It’s a pirate’s life for them!. That is until the pirate crew can take no more of Pirate Joe’s downright rotten, mean and manipulative ways. Will the crew form a plan to get back to their pirating follies….or will Pirate Joe continue to rule with an iron hook…or sword…? Aaarrrghhh

“Big Mystery at the Big Top”

Once a fantastic circus, The Big Top is now a Big Flop, frustrating its talented and hard-working performers. Reminiscing on their long-gone “sold-out” nights, these STARS decide to change the course of their fate and fight together to bring the kids back to the circus….but not without solving a Big Mystery first. Help solve the mystery and restore the Big Top to fame!

“The Triumph of Trevor Truelove”… (a melodrama)

A tale full of drama, treachery, intrigue, and double-dealing… The perpetrator of this piece of villainy is the vile Lord Villiers. At this very moment, he is plotting to steal our heroine, Lucy Goodheart, from the arms of her beloved Trevor Truelove… Will our intrepid hero be a match for the vile Lord Villiers….?

Tickets: $20 at the door. In advance: adults $15, seniors $17.

For tickets click here.

The Market Place at the Bowie CPA, Apr 28

The Market Place at the Bowie CPA, Apr 28

Milolaa Productions presents:

The Market Place

Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 4:00pm.

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

Milolaa Productions Proudly Presents a Phenomenal African Stage Play- “The Market Place”

Under the warm African sky Ikilo market is a harbour for adventure. The bustling sights of skilled traders, delicious smells of indigenous spice and tantalizing sounds of juicy gossip is bound to captivate your heart. But remember, “All the glitters is not gold. Everything at Ikilo market is for sale including your life.’

For more information click here. For tickets click here.

One Woman & A Man at the Bowie CPA, Feb 21

One Woman & A Man at the Bowie CPA, Feb 21

One Woman & A Man
featuring Diana Lee Benson & Keith Killgo

February 21, 2019

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

This show is a collection of the world’s greatest female entertainers. The likes of Mom’s Mabley, Tina Turner and the legendary Billie Holiday. Accompanying these sultryses women is the accomplished artist Keith Killgo. Keith will play a host of supporting guests as this dramatic comedy pays tribute to the great “Women”. It’s a must see performance and will be remembered for years to come!

Tickets: $25.

For tickets click here.

Soul Child at the Bowie CPA, Feb 8-9

Soul Child at the Bowie CPA, Feb 8-9

Soul Child
A Black History Month Celebration

February 8 & 9, 2019, 7:30pm

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

Enjoy an evening of music, dance, and more as we celebrate Black History Month 2019. This production features the new Bowie Center in house youth performing arts program, COLOURS. There will be special performances included by the Oh! Ballet Arts Academy and a special art installation in our gallery by Bowie State University. Spread the word: a show that will have
you grooving in the aisles.

Tickets: $15 on-line here, or at the door: $20, $15 under 17 or over 65.