Hellbent at Laurel Mill Playhouse, Oct 14-30

Hellbent at Laurel Mill Playhouse, Oct 14-30

Laurel Mill Playhouse presents
by Jeff Dunne
Directed by Jeff Dunne
Produced by Maureen Rogers

October 14 – 30, 2022
Friday October 14 at 8pm
Saturday October 15 at 8pm
Sunday October 16 at 2pm
Friday October 21 at 8pm
Saturday October 22 at 8pm
Sunday October 23 at 2pm
Friday October 28 at 8pm
Saturday October 29 at 8pm
Sunday October 30 at 2pm

Location: Laurel Mill Playhouse

Welcome to Hell, where we find Ophistopheles (the demon responsible for photocopiers jamming at the worst possible moment and other office-related suffering), Incubeth (the demoness who oversees bad dating decisions), and Ahmenahmenon (who torments dieters by making them hungry in the middle of the night) hard at work summoning an angel. And this just might have worked but for two little problems. First, despite what they think, none of them are really on the same page as to what they want, and second, they are kind of incompetent. Okay, to be fair, more than just “kind of”.

So what happens? Instead of summoning one angel as planned, they wind up calling three humans down to the not-so-fiery depths: the insanely observant but thoroughly apathetic Angelina, her life-long geeky friend Devlin, and his new demon-worshipping girlfriend Lacey. This is bad enough, but when they are discovered by Fezdemona (demoness responsible for hat-based suffering) and Robert (the honorary demon who wrote Robert’s Rules of Order), suddenly all hell breaks loose. Devlin turns up dead, Robert rushes off to tell Lucifer, and nobody can decide whether Vinegar and Brimstone will be the next big craze in potato chips.

Come see “Hellbent” to learn how it all turns out!

Ticket prices: $20 general, $15 students/military/seniors

LMP strongly urges that all patrons that come to LMP be vaccinated and wear masks. At this time, we will not require vaccination cards and masks in LMP but reserve the right to change the guidelines should the positivity rate rise significantly.

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For further information, please call 301-617-9906, or contact Maureen Rogers at maureencrogers@gmail.com or 301-452-2557.