God Don’ Like Ugly at Venus Theatre, Mar 19-Apr 12

God Don’ Like Ugly at Venus Theatre, Mar 19-Apr 12

God Don’ Like Ugly at the Venus Theatre Play Shack, March 19 to April 12, 2015
by Doc Andersen Bloomfield
Venus Theatre World Premiere

Location: Venus Theatre Play Shack.

Opens March 19, 2015
Closes April 12, 2015
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00pm.

Issues/themes: love; living with a mentally disabled child (the carer and the cared for); domestic violence; magic.

Parental Advisory: Adult themes.

Description: Esme loves to sing and dance, dressing up in costumes, performing her ‘Golden Oldies’ to an imaginary audience. Today is Esme’s 36th birthday and because she has the mental age of a seven year old, she still lives with her tired and overwhelmed mother, Bessie, (a Tarot reader) in a dilapidated old crumbling home, set in the rural South. Esme has a twin, not seen for quite awhile. Heartsick Bessie yearns for the twin, who’s ‘the okay one’ to come home to celebrate. This will never happen and only Esme seems to understand this. A stranger, on the run, named SJ, enters their small lives, seeking to hide from a violent partner. She encounters the extraordinary, both in the human beings who live there as well as their magic of simply ‘being’.

A realistic (but magical) tragicomedy set in America’s rural south, with intermittent Physical Theatre Scenes.

About the playwright: Doc currently writes with Oxford Playwrights and for Oxford Actors’ Network. Other past works in progress/rehearsed readings include: Women’s ‘Theatre Workshop (Oval; Finborough; Drill Hall; Soho in London). Doc is an American who has lived and written in Oxford, England, the last 28 years. She was one of the founding mothers of Women In Theatre, in Los Angeles.

Tickets $20. Buy here.

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