Dry Bones Rising at Venus Theatre, May 21-Jun 14

Dry Bones Rising at Venus Theatre, May 21-Jun 14

Dry Bones Rising
by Cecelia Raker
Venus Theatre World Premiere

Location: Venus Theatre Play Shack.

Opens May 21, 2015
Closes June 14, 2015
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00pm.

Description: In the wake of the world-shattering catastrophe, two children from very different sides of the Wall emerge from the rubble, alone except for each other. With nothing familiar left, they agree on only one point: they gotta find help. But he wants to embark on a journey to a safer place, and she wants to stay, calling upon an ancient power to kiss a protective golem to life. When creating a Mud Man doesn’t turn out the way she’d hoped, will they two human survivors be able to make a new world together, or will they reap the dire consequences of playing pretend God?

About the playwright: Cecelia Raker is a playwright, director, and dramaturge currently at work on a cycle of movement-and-text pieces based on fairy tales, a few more traditional plays, and Shiver, a collaborative devised piece with the Project:Project collective in Boston. Her play Skinwalking was developed at the 2014 Great Plains Theater Conference Playlab, and had a sold-out run in 2011 at the Art’s Loeb Experimental Theater. Her new piece Dry Bones Rising was read in December 2014 with Argos Productions, and her play Lilacs in November was work-shopped in the 2010 Harvard Playwrights’ Festival. Her short play Webbed Hands was produced by Imaginary Beasts at the 2014 Boston Theater Marathon. Her work has also been developed/performed at The One-Minute Play Festival, the Exit 7 New Short Play Contest, Bostonia Bohemia, Company One, and a variety of other venues. Cecelia is a member of Project:Project, the Grub Street Writers’ Workshop, and One Bird Productions. She holds an AB in Theater Arts from Harvard College. www.ceceliaraker.tumblr.com

Tickets $20: Buy here.

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