Upcycled Cinderella at the Publick Playhouse, Mar 14

Upcycled Cinderella at the Publick Playhouse, Mar 14

Midweek Matinee
Monday, March 14, 10:15 am
GEICO Gecko Series: Upcycled Cinderella

Location: Prince George’s Publick Playhouse

Description: This imaginative production brings to life the story of Cinderella in a way that will surprise and delight audiences. The wacky duo Dustmop and Binny “accidentally” stumble upon and audience and decide to put on a play with what they have before them. Using household items, recycled objects and physical comedy, the performers create hilarious characters, inventive settings and lively scenes. Packed with character education lessons, Upcycled Cinderella will activate the imagination and encourage young audiences to use teamwork, friendship and creativity in their everyday lives.

Recommended for grades Pre-K-5. Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Social Studies.

Tickets: $8/person, $6/groups of 20 or more; Free to Title 1 Schools in Prince George’s County

This performance is supported by the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation

Tags: Prince George’s Publick Playhouse, Cheverly Maryland, Midweek Matinee, Upcycled Cinderella, GEICO Gecko Series

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