Auditions for Soft Revolution by Venus Theatre, Sep 26-28

Auditions for Soft Revolution by Venus Theatre, Sep 26-28

Venus Theatre will hold auditions for Soft Revolution
Monday, September 26, 2016 through Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Auditioning the part of 23 year old Shafana, a Muslim Australian Biology Student.

This is a character in Venus Theatre’s 58th woman empowering production. Soft Revolution is a world premiere play by Australian playwright Alana Valentine.

It rehearses Mid October through Mid November in the evenings and runs November 17- Dec 11, ThFrSt at 8 and Sun’s at 3.

Auditioning Monday, Sept 26, Tuesday Sept 27, and Wednesday Sept 28. Please bring a prepared contemporary monologue and plan for a cold reading and possible movement exercise.

Location: Venus Theatre.

To schedule an appointment contact with a preferred day and time.

SOFT REVOLUTION by Alana Valentine –
What do you do when you profoundly disagree with someone you love?
At the heart of Soft Revolution: Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah is the story of a young Australian-born Muslim woman and an intergenerational clash with her own Aunt. Based on interviews with Afghani/ Australian Muslim women and produced with the support of a large number of Muslim women from a diversity of Muslim cultures in Australia, this play will compel audiences with its portrait of women who are articulate, highly educated and deeply spiritual. University student Shafana turns to the religion of her heritage for answers after a terrorist attack, resulting in a deep experience of faith and a controversial decision to wear the hijab. But for her Aunt Sarrinah, also a devout Muslim but old enough to regret the changes in her Afghan homeland, the hijab represents both a world from which she has escaped and her fears about the new world she has embraced. Above all, this play is a startling meditation on the clash between individual freedom and cultural context, experienced through two tender and fiercely drawn female characters.

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