Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre at Wendy’s, Dec 20

Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre at Wendy’s

Solve A Murder on the third Wednesday of every month at the Murder Mystery Theater by Bowie Community Theatre.

Starring Role – for You! Be the investigator who solves this Murder Mystery!

Location: Wendy’s located at 16400 Harbour Way in Bowie, MD 20716.

Third Wednesday each month, starting at 7:00PM

Visit our Facebook page to find out this month’s current murder:

FREE! Be a Captive Audience and Support YOUR Local Theatre! We hope you enjoy dinner at Wendy’s between 6pm-9pm on this night as 20% of all your food and drink purchases (as well as drive-through sales) are donated to Bowie Community Theatre.

‘Twas the Night Before Murder

The mansion of greeting card magnate Norton Pole was lit up like a Christmas tree. And, well it should be on the eve before the annual holiday. The festive occasion was a gathering of a few relatives and business associates, all celebrating another year of record profits (or is it?) for Polar Cards. The assembled group knew everything that could be known about Pole, from the north to south, from east to west. What they didn’t know was that, over dinner, Pole would make announcements that could change their holiday seasons forever. At least, they could’ve had not someone decided to take fate to task and end Pole’s career permanently. ​For, on Christmas morning, his body was found lying under the huge tree in the great room, a startling contrast to the colorful decorations. But who would do such a thing? After all, Pole’s passion was to produce the perfect paeans to postal patrons who patiently perused each massaged message. Why would someone want to end such a lucid life? Was it Pole’s news that had triggered such a rude response? Or, had someone taken the opportunity to pay back a dubious debt and carry out a vendetta that had been held inside for years? Only stalwart sleuthing and superior skills would uncover a killer and deck the halls with calls of “golly.”

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