The Tailor of Gloucester at the Publick Playhouse, Dec 21

The Tailor of Gloucester at the Publick Playhouse, Dec 21

Midweek Matinee
A Beatrix Potter Christmas: “The Tailor of Gloucester”

Thursday, December 21, 10:15 am & 12 noon

Location: Prince George’s Publick Playhouse

When the mayor orders a cherry-colored coat for his Christmas wedding, the poor Tailor of Gloucester works his fingers to the bone. All goes well until the tailor realizes he lacks the piece of twisted silk needed to sew on the final button. But it is Christmas Eve, that one blessed night when animals are granted the gift of speech. Simpkin the cat and the house mice become steadfast friends and work together to complete a coat that leaves the bedazzled Mayor—and them—speechless for a miraculously happy ending on Christmas Day.

Recommended for grades 3-5

Curriculum Connections: Art, Folk Tales, History, Language Arts (Literature, Reading), Music, Mythology

Tickets: $8/person; $6/person in groups of 20 or more

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