Auditions for Crowns by 2nd Star Productions at the Bowie Playhouse, Oct 11 & 13

Auditions for Crowns by 2nd Star Productions at the Bowie Playhouse, Oct 11 & 13

2nd Star Productions announces auditions for:
by Regina Taylor
Director & Choreographer: Rikki Howie Lacewell
Music Director: LeVar Betts
Producer: Cheramie Jackson

Auditions: October 11 & 13, 2022 at 7pm at the Bowie Playhouse.

Performances: November 18 – December 17, 2022
Performances: February 10 – 25, 2023, Fridays through Sundays. *Closing Saturday performance is a matinee.

2nd Star Productions at the Bowie Playhouse

A moving and celebratory musical play in which hats become a springboard for an exploration of Black history and identity as seen through the eyes of a young Black woman who has come down South to stay with her aunt after her brother is killed in Brooklyn. Hats are everywhere, in exquisite variety, and the characters use the hats to tell tales concerning everything from the etiquette of hats to their historical and contemporary social functioning. There is a hat for every occasion, from flirting to churchgoing to funerals to baptisms, and the tradition of hats is traced back to African rituals and slavery and forward to the New Testament and current fashion. The conclusion finds the standoffish young woman, whose cultural identity as a young black Brooklyn woman has been so at odds with the more traditional and older Southern blacks, embracing hats and their cultural significance as a part of her own fiercely independent identity.

For more information including audition preparation, parts to be cast, audition forms and sides, see:

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