Amplify! Open Mic at Joe’s Movement Emporium, Oct 9, Online

Joe’s Open Mic Series:
Motivate & Inspire
Friday, October 9, 2020 . 7PM

Location: Joe’s Movement Emporium. Online, click here.

Joe’s Movement Emporium and Creative Suitland are committed to laying the groundwork for a shift in our world, as we know it. The fight for equality and “justice for all” continues here, in our community. The Joe’s Family is inspired with renewed focus on providing cultural experiences through an antiracist lens. Our staff remains vigilant in creating programs that will combat economic, political, and structural disparities in minority communities. We are working to unveil new antiracist programs and partnerships that will help the community tackle the large task at hand. We hope to present some tough questions to spark some very necessary conversations. Through candid conversations and creative community work, we aim to support the movement towards a better world.

Tickets $5 Early Bird, $10 General Admission. Click here.