This Love Ain’t Loyal at the Bowie CPA, Dec 8

This Love Ain’t Loyal at the Bowie CPA, Dec 8

Lovail Long & Vernon Williams presents:
This Love Ain’t Loyal
The Stage Play

Saturday, December 8, 2018, 3:00pm and 7:30pm

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

Natania is the original Real housewife that has it all – successful husband, beautiful children, a 7.5 carat emerald cut from Tiffany’, a luxurious home in a gated community, expensive foreign cars, tailor made clothes from the hottest designers, and credit cards with no limits in sight. Obviously, her man loves her. What more can a woman ask for – this is the life!

​Or is it? It’s been said that we all want what we can’t have and this Diva, who seems to have it all, is no exception. With a husband constantly on the road Natania finds a desire for something younger and more energetic. A girl can only shop for so long and who knows if her hubby is ‘only’ grinding those many, many nights out of state. Natania has always handled business and this situation is no different. Unfortunately, she forgets one golden rule: Only cheat with someone who has just as much to lose as you!

​Will Natania be able to have her cake and eat it too? Or will she ruin it all by burning the hand that has bankrolled her lavish lifestyle? Come and find out in “This Love Ain’t Loyal”.

Tickets: $47.50, $55.00 and $60.00. Click here.

There’s a Stranger in My House at the Bowie CPA, May 13 at 3pm

There’s a Stranger in My House at the Bowie CPA, May 13

Vernon Williams Presents
There’s a Stranger in My House

Sat May 13, 2017 at 3pm

Location: Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

Fighting the temptations of the single life will finally be put to rest when Sheila, an un-happily married woman fulfills her strong desire to be alone and part with Nathan, her loving husband of thirteen years. Through-out Sheila’s pursuit for freedom she realizes that her marital issues aren’t half the drama that she has made it out to be after being exposed to the other couples deeper troubles!! There’s A Stranger In My House is a hilariously remarkable fresh stage play that reveals how devotion, strength, and hard work are must haves to maintain the “I DO’s” in damaged Marriages.

Vernon Williams Presents
Vernon Williams III is a Playwright, Producer, and Director extraordinaire. Driven by his credo, “Don’t wait, create!” Vernon’s faith, grit, and passion for the Arts fuel the creativity that puts his genius in demand. As Founder and CEO of The Williams Entertainment Group, LLC, his mission is to create innovative and relevant productions that embody timeless theatrical style and character. Whether he is on stage or in the Director’s seat, Vernon is undoubtedly in his element. And it is this element of purpose and destiny that captivates, encourages and inspires audiences across the nation.

Tickets $20 to $50, available here.